Student Life

While the primary object of entering the Academy is to get a perfect education and training, time spent in the TSMA can provide priceless life experience. It can tremendously widen person`s mental horizon and glimpse of life, giving him essential superiority over his peers. It is important to mention that apart from academic studies in the TSMA attention is also paid to social and extracurricular activities.

Many units of the Academy provide opportunities for students to demonstrate and improve their talents, show commitment to public service or reveal hidden abilities. In the TSMA there are:

  • the TSMA General Purpose Cultural Centre;
  • Office of Pedagogical Work;
  • Indian Cultural Centre;
  • Sri Lankan Cultural Centre;
  • Youth Centre of the TSMA;
  • soccer, lawn tennis, table tennis, volleyball, triathlon and cricket sport clubs.

International students of the Tver State Medical Academy are always among the most active participants of our extracurricular activities. With great enthusiasm they participate in sports competitions, trips across the region and the country, celebrate their national and traditional holidays together with Russian students and the Academy staff, and organize annual cultural performances.