Within the framework of the International Friendship Club (abbreviation sounds in Russian as KID) first-year students of the Faculty of Dentistry of TvSMU from Iraq, Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, Sudan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine visited the photo exhibition of the charity project “I am here!”, which was deployed on the central alley of the Tver City Garden. The students were greatly interested in the works of Tver photo artists depicting children and teenagers suffering from mental disorders. Foreign students appreciated the artistic merits of the photographs, but the main thing is that they were able to touch the special world in which children with special needs live.

The teachers of Department of Russian Language of TvSMU (responsible. – Associate Professor E.D. Aksenova) organized the excursion to the photo exhibition. Therefore, before visiting the photo exhibition, students performed lexical and grammatical tasks, worked with texts about the attitude to disabled people in modern society, about the role of volunteers in their lives. Visiting the photo exhibition was a good opportunity for foreign students to immerse themselves in the language environment, which helped to overcome language difficulties in communication and social and cultural adaptation of future doctors.

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